10-Minute Frosted Miniature Cookies

Oh, hello there! Did you have a pleasant, mini food-filled weekend? Mei and I had a busy couple of days finishing off a project that we started in July–it’s amazing how quickly a few months will go!

Today, we’re out to prove to you that miniature baking can be speedy. As a matter of fact, you could have a batch of miniature cookies rolled out, frosted, and baked in less time than it takes to eat a box of Oreos. (Yes. An entire box.)

Cookies are cut out with a decorative paper punch, given a toasty color coat with chalk pastels, and frosted with a mix of transparent liquid clay and food coloring paste. The result is adorable, speedy treats that you can share with all your miniature friends.

You will need:

  • Cookie-colored clay (I like Sculpey Premo “Ecru” mixed with an equal amount of translucent clay), warmed up
  • Decorative paper punch
  • “Toasty brown” chalk pastel mix (recipe is in our free croissant tutorial)
  • Food coloring paste (not the liquid kind), or clay (for opaque frosting)
  • Transparent liquid clay
  • Toothpicks
  • Paintbrush

Instructions (and suggested time to complete!):

  • 0:00 Roll your clay to 1/16th inch thick (.16 cm).
  • 0:01 Punch out shapes with your decorative paper punch.
  • 0:02 Brush the cut-outs with the toasty brown chalk pastel mixture. Set aside.
  • 0:03 Mix a tiny dab of food coloring paste with a dime-sized puddle of liquid clay. Mix. (If you need more color, you can add it. Remember that food coloring is super-concentrated, though, and that the color will darken after you bake your cookies!) Once you’ve gotten a color you like, spread the cookies with the liquid clay.
  • 0:05 Bake for 5 minutes at 250F (~121C).
  • 0:10 Serve while warm, with some miniature glasses of milk!


Your turn: Share a picture of miniature cookies you’ve made OR real-life cookie inspiration. Comment below!

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  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am just getting started in food items and this looks like one I can do easily. I’ll be buying stuff to try it this week. Thanks again for the hard work you put into this. Phyllis

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